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Design Your Own High Glossy Postcards

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Now a days almost all kinds of communication are based on electronic media or online. So. The popularity of the postcard and letter are decreasing day by day. But  if you're running a small business then  postcards are a good way to send a message to a friend or loved one or to use as a marketing tool. Postcard are capable of grabbing the recipients attention and it is more personal; than email. If you use a striking image than its better than flyer. If you are interested then you can design glossy postcards at home or online.

Design Your Own High Glossy Postcards

Necessary Tools:

There are some tools which help you in designing postcards. These are – computer, printer/scanner, desktop publishing program, double sided glossy photo paper.


  1. You can design the front of your postcard with the help of desktop publishing software such as QuarkXPress or Adobe in Design. Besides you can use Window's Paint utility, if you do not have a desktop publishing program. Try to set your document size to a maximum of 6-by-4-1/4 inches. Open any image or artwork using your program's "Get the picture" or "Paste" function and add text. Then you should convert your artwork or imagery in hard copy to a digital format using a scanner.
  2. Next, if your design is complete then saved it to your hard disk.
  3. For designing the back of your postcard, open another project in the application you are using. You won't need to do this if you want to leave the back blank and add a message by hand.  Then Save your work, if your work is finished.
  4. Then Open the design for the front of the postcard which you designed. Then print this work by the printer.


 If you are using images or artwork which is not created by you for commercial purposes, try to seek permission from right person.

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