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Design Your Own Stickers

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Custom stickers are used on greeting cards, scrapbook page and notebook .  If  you want to make a personal  statement than you can use custom stickers. Designing custom stickers are easy . If you follow some steps then you will easily design it .

Necessary Tools:

The necessary tools for designing custom postcard are- Inkjet / laser printer sticker paper.

Design Your Own Stickers


1 . At first, you should choose a graphic for your design. For your design , you can choose  a photo or clip art from your word processor, graphics program or  online.

2 . Then Choose a message. Try to write appropriate message. Choose a font. If you want something special font then you can find it online. There are a lot of free fonts in online.

3  For creating your design, you can use a graphics program or word processor. If you don’t have software on your own then you find many free graphics design programs in online.  GIMP,  is a free photo/graphics editor. If you want , then you can use this software.

4  Now you have to select the size of your final sticker . To judge the size of your design, you can use the rulers in your editing program .To adjust your font  to the size you're looking for, you can click and drag your graphic.

5. If you want just one sticker, go on to the next step. You can copy and paste your design over and over, or add new designs for multiples stickers. Try to place them close together  so that sticker paper is not wasted.

6. Print a copy of your design on a blank piece of regular printer paper.

7. For best quality and glossy paper (or sticker paper if the option exists) try to set your printer setting.

8.  Insert the sticker paper into the printer as you normally would and print for a full page of stickers. You should print one sheet at a time and leave plenty of time for the stickers to dry.  With  the help of sharp scissors, you can then cut out individual stickers. You should careful to follow the directions which come with the sticker paper

9.  Cut out a piece of sticker paper just larger than the sticker design, if one sticker that is smaller than a full sheet of paper . Always try to use the sample print out as a reference. Tape the sticker paper onto the sample print out so that it makes sure that it covers the design and which the tape doesn't interfere with the design. Print the sticker. Try to care about the directions that come with the sticker paper.


  • There are a lot of of sticker paper. So it is necessary to decide which paper you want , repositionable stickers or permanent. Here, repositionable stickers still stick which allow you to move the stickers before fully committing.
  • When you use of images, especially if you'll be distributing your stickers, then be careful about copyright and restrictions.
  • For your printer, you must choose the correct sticker paper. If you use ink-jet stickers in a laser printer, then  it can destroy your printer.

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