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Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Design & AdvertiseYour business design of advertising is the first thing that many people see about your brand. Unfortunately, in many situations, it’s easy for your card or banner to get lost in an endless pile of other cards or in a row of countless banners. Like a pile of resumes, you want your brand to stick out above the rest as one that’s worth revisiting. It’s for that reason that you should spend almost as much time thinking about the coloring of your advertising as you do on the design of it. The right color scheme says a lot about your business, but more importantly, makes it jump out from the competition. Here are several tips for making your business cards, banners and other advertising resources stand out from the crowd.


No Dark Grey on Grey


While your business card or banner might look more elegant with a dark grey type on top of a light grey background, it’s certainly not going to earn you any business. Make sure that you’ve got extreme color differences between your text and your background. Look for color patterns that have a true difference between each color. Ideas like maroon or dark red work great against a grey. Make sure that you’re in a completely different color tone when you get to your logo or type on your advertising.


Keep Your Image Separate from Your Text


Several businesses like to keep a similar color on their text when it’s next to their logo. While this might work great on things like color schemes for a website, the opposite holds true for advertising with business cards or banners. Always make your slogan or other information a different color than what’s on your logo. By making your logo stick out from the rest of your advertising, you give yourself the opportunity for people to visually remember your brand. Your logo is a simple element of your business, and adding in additional elements of the same color can only complicate the long-term memory.

Keep the Same Tone


There are lots of resources out there for creating a color scheme for your advertising. Using completely different tones will create an unattractive look for your business. As an example, you don’t want to combine pastel colors with darker shades. This simple trick is only meant to keep your advertising looking like it was designed by a professional. Overdoing color differences can often result in a confusing business card or banner that’s also unattractive.

Follow these simple tips and you can be sure that your business will stand from the rest, giving you what you really want; more attention, more professionalism and most important more business.

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