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EDDM Direct Mailing

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

EDDM Direct MailingDirect mail is a challenging marketing channel. In several cases, it can be quite difficult to measure your actual ROI on such large investment. Additionally, several mailing services exist, that while their mailing process seems to be one that’s affordable, is often something that’s inappropriately targeted. In addition, when using these types of services, you’re always going to be placed into the bunch with other businesses targeting the same channel. When you truly want to stick out, it’s time to get your own size mailer printed the way you want and look into EDDM mailing, or Every Door Direct Mail from your local post office.


Every Door Direct Mail is a feature from the US Postal service that effectively allows you to target your mailings to neighborhoods that you’re trying to reach. It also allows you to save money on both print and delivery by assuring that your mailings that you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to print isn’t getting into the hands of a demographic that you believe may not have any interest in your services.


In addition to such refined targeting, Every Door Direct Mail offers mail sizes to help customize to your own ad. Whether you’ve got a simple postcard or 20-page brochure, there’s a price level that’s been created to help adapt to the needs and budgets of businesses both large and small. So whether you’ve got a quick announcement to make or have a brand new store opening up, you can make broadcasting that message by direct mail much more cost efficient.


With such detail in a marketing effort like that of EDDM mailings, you want to make sure that you use a printer to help you. Not only can the right printer handle the job for you, but they’ll be able to get your mailings directly to the post office. This takes an important part of the step off of your hands. The right printer will be plenty knowledgeable about the EDDM mailing program, so make sure to ask questions before you simply select the first printer that comes up in your local search results.

With EDDM mailings, you can continue to use a marketing channel that has been used exponentially longer than internet advertising. Additionally, with the right print company, you can insure that you’ll create a captivating advertisement that’s sure to generate buzz while creating a better return on your investment over handling the print job on your own.

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