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How to design Business Stickers

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Business stickers are used for advertising your business. It’s like mini billboards for your company. There are many professional companies for designing and printing sticker. If you can design your own business sticker, then it saves your money. You can also express your creativity by designing it. You find many supply stores whose are selling sticker paper packages for inkjet and laser printer. You can also buy it from the online store. There packages are helpful for business owner to design their sticker.

Necessary Tools:

You need some tools for designing stickers. These are:

  • Sticker sheets for printers
  • Computer printer
  • Image-editing program
  • Word-processing program
  • Scissors

How to design Business Stickers


1. Try to decide what purpose you want the sticker to serve and what information you will provide. You should try to create a sticker which will appeal and eye catching to housewives, other business people and other people. You can put these stickers on lockers, cars or computer.

2. Try to think about design and idea. When you find a good idea then you should sketch out this rough idea. You should not think about your artistic ability. You can draw a rough shape such as a circle or square which indicating your logo or other image. Now you can include your text. You can use any text such as the name of your business, slogan, address and many others. Your text should be simple and short. You should not use more words and image; it makes your text annoying.

3. Then you need an image editing program. So open an image-editing program and create a new image .Then you need to set the size of the stickers. You can add clip art, your logo or other image by creating a new layer. Type in any text which you want to include your sticker. It is necessary to choose perfect fonts, the color of the font and the text alignment (left, right or centered). You can choose it with your image editing program. Try to select the best combination of color and font so that your text looks good to the people. Now you can save your image.

4. You need to test your image by printing it on a regular piece of paper. If it is necessary then you can change your image before final print. 

5. Now , you need to open a word-processing program. First open a new document and insert your sticker image. You can add your image several times. Try to give proper margins around the edges of the paper and space between each sticker. You should save your document.

6. Now you can print a test copy on a regular sheet of paper to ensure that it all looks right.

Then you can insert a single sheet of sticker paper into your printer and print. Always try to print only one sheet at a time, otherwise the paper is jamming and the ink can be smeared.

7. You should dry the ink on the sticker paper sheet completely.

8. Now you can cut your sticker by the help of scissors.


You should keep in mind that at the time of printing of your test copy .You should select the “Draft” option in your printer settings.

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