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How to Design Your Car Stickers

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

 If you have perfect slogan and idea for bumper stickers, then you can design your own car stickers. It is really enjoyable and easy task .You can create a new design and put it on your vehicle window. You need an image editing software for doing this. Besides you can upload your own design in online for selling it. You can also give your stickers as a gift to your friends and family.

How to Design Your Car Stickers


  1. At first you need think about your design and idea of slogan and graphics for car stickers. You should draw your rough design by a sketchpad and markers or colored pencils. Try to choose the type of design you want to create. If you want to use an image, slogan or quote, then try to ensure that these are not copyrighted.

  2. Selecting correct font is very important things for creating stickers. You should select the right fonts which work best with your message. You need to review the available font styles, if your sticker will include text. Try to create your text simple and short so that it can easily read from a short distance. You should not use extra and unclear text , it makes your design look dull.
  3. For designing your sticker, you can use a professional level graphics program. You can use Photoshop or the freeware program GIMP. These are best graphic program. The function of GIMP is like Photoshop. So you can use GIMP, if you don't own a copy of Photoshop.  To open a new document, go to "File" then to "New for your sticker's design. Now you can set of both the width and height requirements into the dialog box. Then set the resolution of your document. Try to set it at 200 pixels per inch. It is best if you want to quality printing.

  4. You can add external photos or other graphics to layers by bringing them into the program. For doing this you need  to go to "Edit" and "Copy “ , then go to  the main document and select "Edit" and then "Paste." So, these elements will automatically be placed on a new layer. You can find the layers panel in the right hand corner of your screen. Layers help you to add elements either brought into the program or created by a design you've painted or text. You can use to a separate layer where it can be altered without affecting other elements.

  5. Then try to add filter effects or adjust other settings such as "Hue/Saturation" or the "Blending Options". You are continuing to add filters until you are satisfied with your final design. Try to save your design as a high resolution and JPEG format.

  6. You have found many online companies for designing sticker. You can print your stickers by these types of companies. Zazzle  or Cafepress are such companies. You can upload your design on these companies. If you want, then you can sell your design trough the company. So, you need to follow the rules and instruction for those online companies.

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