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How to Design Your Own Bumper Sticker

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

You can create your own personalized bumper sticker, if you have a design, a slogan or graphic which you want to express with the world via your vehicle. You can do it in minutes by using your creativity and computer, paper. You can use bumper sticker for advertising your own business. Besides you can share your opinion with others by using it. The bumper sticker is an easy and cost effective. You can use bumper sticker paper so that you can remove or replace your sticker anytime.

How to Design Your Own Bumper Sticker


  1. At first you need to download the template for your bumper sticker paper. You can find the template in website and searching for the product number. Now you need to download the version of Microsoft Office or another word processing program which you want to use to design of your bumper sticker.
  2. Then you need to upload any photos or images which you want to use for your bumper sticker. You should upload such image or photo which is a close-up and clear so that people can be read it easily.
  3. Now you need to select the text which you want to add your design. Type the text correctly which you have chosen onto your bumper sticker template. It is necessary to keep in mind that, your slogan should be short and to the point so that it can be written in a large enough font for reading from a distance easily. So try to highlight your text and choose a larger font size.  You can find the toolbar under the "Home" tab in Microsoft Office 2007. By selecting different options in the "Home" tab, you can change the color or font your text.
  4. If you use Microsoft Office 2007, then select the “Insert tab” and click on “Picture” for using an image or photo which you have uploaded to your computer.
  5. Then you can choose your image or photo from the appropriate folder. After this click on "Insert” tab.
  6. If you want, then you can resize the image. You can do it by clicking over a corner where the diagonal arrow appears and dragging to desired size. By clicking the cursor to the left of the image and pressing the space-bar key, you can move your image.
  7. If your bumper sticker design completed then select it and right-click with your mouse, and choose "Copy".
  8. Now you can paste your design to create the second bumper sticker for your bumper sticker paper. You can do it by clicking on the bottom half of the template page and then right-click with your mouse, and choose the “Paste”.
  9. You should review your bumper sticker design. If necessary, then try to change font colors and sizes and image positioning and size.
  10. After completing your design, you need to save your design. Now you can print your design. Just Click "Print” option and set all settings for printing.
  11. You can peel the bumper sticker off the paper and attach to your vehicle.

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