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How to design Your Own Oval Stickers

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Stickers are used is many aspects. You can show your own slogan, jokes and artwork through stickers. These are used from bumper stickers to name tag to fun for kids. It is easy to make oval sticker. If you are interested m then you can make an oval sticker for yourself. You can show your creativity by the designing of oval stickers. There are many graphical tools for doing it. You can use these tools .Besides you will find many online companies whose are helping to create oval stickers. Here are a few instructions for you, if you are interested to deign your own oval stickers. You can follow this for starting your design.

How to design Your Own Oval Stickers

Necessary Tools:

For designing an oval sticker you need to use some graphic tools. You can use Adobe Photoshop. It is the best tools for graphic design.


  1. At first , You should determine what type of designs and idea you want to create. You can think about the idea . You can draw your idea in a sketchbook for your stickers. If you want that your sticker are meant to be name tags, then you can still make an interesting logo or background with the name.
  2. Then you need a graphics program such as Photoshop which help you in designing your stickers. You can use this. At first you need to install Photoshop. The image-editing capabilities are extensively in Photoshop .It also offers different kinds of filters and plugins which can be used to jazz up your stickers.
  3. Decide the size of your stickers. Set the proper resolution for your stickers. Another important thing is to select the correct font, size and color. If you select the best one then your design is more attractive.
  4. When your design is complete than save your work. You can print your work by own printer or by online store. You should need to buy a good quality printing paper with a sticky peel backing. Besides, You can order prints at a print shop, if you need for larger printing jobs. Generally , If you  have to print a bulk order for sticker, then your cost for per sticker is reduced.
  5. You can print your stickers on the online. On the other hand you can make money by selling your sticker design. There are many online companies for it. These companies provide different facilities for their user. So you can use this online company. At first , you can set up an account on the website such as CafePress. You can sell your design in this store. Besides this company offer discount, if  you buy in bulk from this store.


Try to set your printer setting to best quality. For a full page of stickers, insert the sticker paper into the printer as you normally use and print. Print one sheet at a time and leave plenty of time or stickers to dry. Then you can cut out individual stickers with sharp scissors.

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