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How To Set Up a Postcard in Indesign

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

InDesign is a very useful software for the purpose of creating postcards because it will always fetch you with the best results. It makes you get what you wanted. It is also not much time taking as it just takes a few minutes to set up your postcard. To create an effective piece of postcard you need to add to it the right texts, photos and graphics. It also becomes quite easier in recreating the same design of card using InDesign which can save your precious time. To create the postcard you just require and InDesign software and certain steps or set of instructions.

How To Set Up a Postcard in Indesign

The first step towards making it would be clicking the file option on the drop down menu and selecting new followed by document. For setting up the number of pages, input the number 2 on the number of pages space. You also need to enter the width and the height of the postcard into the width and height boxes. Enter the margins into it on the top, bottom, left and right sides of your document. After this you need to do your artworks and writing work inside the box. You can put a margin of 0.25 inches. Set a well-defined bleed for your postcard. Bleed is generally left out in order to set a line up to which you can do your artwork. A common measurement of it is 0.125 inch. After this you need to open your file in InDesign window and start your postcard creating work. You will probably get two pages for it, the front one and the back one. By default pink margins will appear on the top and bottom of the page. Left and right margins will also appear represented in a purple margin. Try to keep all the text and your artwork inside it. After completing check for errors once again and if you find then correct it.

Finally, make a move and save your file going to the file option and selecting the save option there. A box will appear asking you to enter the location where you want to save it. You can also use the shorthand CTRL+S in order to save the file. Also, save it as an InDesign document. You can also reuse it later by saving it as an InDesign template. While saving the file initially it is better to name it as pre-set, further in the course you are allowed to use any other names to it. it is also better to check the printer before you take the print out of it because there can be some technical problems or setting problems which needs to be corrected to avoid any type of unwanted conditions to occur. You can also take out a sample print out from it in order to check the printer is working properly or not. So, by the use of the software you can create an effective and more attractive postcard for any of your requirements.

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