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Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Modern Business CardProfessional business cards have come a long way in the past few years. Plain business cards were the norm when people first started handing them out. Now you can be a little more creative with them, which means brighter colors and sharper images. Business cards are more attractive now causing people to put them on their fridge or pin boards, meaning when they are thinking about shopping for something you offer they will see the card and think of you. When yours stands out from the other business cards then it will draw the eye to it. If it is just a black and white card stuck up there, it is not going to get as much attention. You have the freedom to uniquely express your business through your personal business card.


Modern business cards can refer to new age designs or contemporary designs with simple geometry. Bold statements can be made without taking up the whole business card. A modern designed business card works for all different kinds of businesses. They are usually created with clean lines and only one or two colors. They aren't too busy, but they catch your eye. You can always make it your own with unique font and a different lay out. Companies online now allow you to design your own and put your own pictures on it along with placing the text where you want it. You can play around with font and color to fit your peronalized image. Make sure you put your website and email on them, in this technological driven world those are going to be as important as your phone number.

There are different companies that allow you to design your own business card so make sure you find one that fits your personal needs and time-frame. The best thing about printing your own business cards is that you have almost unlimited range of what is possible. It is important when you are creating your business card that you make it relative to your company. For example, while you may enjoy pictures of trees, if you are a plumbing company then you probably should have something water related. If you cut hair then a pair of scissors or a vector of women’s hair would work. If you are the owner of a landscaping company then a tree would be appropriate. If your card shows the type of business you are then it is extra advertising plus some people are just really visual and will go with a business based on graphics alone. When you have a business card that you are proud of you will love sharing them and in turn increase your bottom line. Don’t be afraid to be creative, just make sure that they are to the point and easy to read. 

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