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Procedure to design Your Own Graffiti Stickers

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Do you ever have something special you want to decorate with stickers, but the stickers which you find in stores are either really used by everyone? If you like different you can design it yourself. You can also design your own stickers and make them ready for sticking in minutes.

Besides you can show your creativity by placing an original design on a sticker for stationery, business promotion, student papers or just fun! If you want you can do it properly. You can do from hand-drawn or digital or your custom-designed stickers and this can be printed quickly and efficiently online. You can Use graphic-editing software which help you to illustrate your final design.

Procedure to design Your Own Graffiti Stickers

Necessary Tools:

  • Sketchpad (portable)
  • Pen & Pencils
  • Scanner


1. Exclusive ideas in order to customize graffiti design. It should bear in mind that it should be a symbol of self-expression which communicates your personal artistic style. You need to take a walk which is considered as some inspiration. You should bring your own sketch pad and copy any graffiti or images which is attractive to you.

2. You should think about your ideas. When you find different ideas try to draw these ideas in a sketchpad or try to create this in your computer. You can do it by using drawing or painting program.

3. Then finalize your designs and customize them. For instance, by changing characters and symbols you can "personalize" a font.  Your designs can include a surname, a picture or a combination of both in a logo. If you think that you will use these stickers in public or on private items. It is necessary to keep in mind that your design is appropriate. Always try to avoid using inappropriate language, innuendos or profane pictures. Always try to show your objective with this. You should not use any such language which is not attracting other.

4. When you make the final design which is hand drawn on paper, then you have to scan it into your computer for creating a digital file. If you want to get the best results, then you need to select the "Scan it as a picture" option with dots per square inch (dpi) of at least 300.

5. There are many Internet printing company which offers sticker services. If you want then you can log on their website. Then select the shape, size, quantity and quality from the options on screen prompts. You can use the shipping and artwork preferences from the provided drop-down boxes.  Then you upload your image by opening the file from your computer and following the prompts. In last print off a duplicate of your order and stay up for the stickers to arrive in the mail.


  • You should like letter stickers because it is better if you incorporate a cool background image for your graffiti design .If you are using Adobe Photoshop, try to use a filter option which is very useful to use with graffiti backgrounds.
  • Always try to color your design with custom hues which is found in the program’s color palette. You should use your own imagination while giving combination of the colors so that it is combined well together.

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