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The Art of the Flyer

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

FlyersWhether you have an existing business with a history of success, or you’re just starting out, flyers can be a great way to draw attention from both past customers and new ones alike. If you’ve never had experience with direct marketing efforts such as flyers, you may be a little lost as to where to start when it comes to flyer printing. Whether it’s a big print job or a small one there are several details to remember before you get your print job going. Flyer printing, when done properly, can increase your bottom line exponentially, so it’s important to take care as to what kind of budget you decide to go with.


It’s the First Thing People See


First and foremost to remember before you dedicate a budget to flyer printing is that in several cases, your flyer will be the first thing that people see when it comes to your brand. You can never mention your brand name or feature your logo too much on any flyer. Whether it’s a sheet or a pamphlet that you get printed make sure to have your logo, brand name, website and any other critical contact information prominently displayed so that it’s the first thing that catches the readers eye.

Color Stands for Effort


Color flyer printing can often cost two to three times as much printing in grayscale. The downside to black and white printing is that your effort comes off as one of a cheap company that doesn’t care about grabbing new business, or the attention of potential clients for that matter. It’s important that if you go ahead with flyer printing that you put the effort necessary into it. Spending the extra money for color printing is going to go a long way with your marketing efforts. Color printing is eye catching, professional, and says so much more than anything you could ever put into text.


Remember Your Current Clients


Remember that it can cost ten times as much in marketing dollars to obtain a new client than it can to get repeat business from a past one. Focusing your flyer printing on those who already know who you are as well as new business is going to pay off for you. You’ll know what to print in your flyers once you figure this part out, but acting like everyone who reads your flyers is new to your business could be detrimental to your customer loyalty.

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