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What You Need to Know About Printing Industry

Post by Blank Jones in on 2016-07-14 06:12:07

Printing industries are of great importance in the present generation because of the effective service provided by them with respect to various requirements but they do have some terms and conditions to be followed while performing the art of printing. Printing industry have to maintain their quality and reputation in the market and in the eyes of their customers. Hence, to make it more effective they ought to follow their terms based on their work. Terms including everything in it either it is regarding the quality of paper or printing or binding. So, we should try to highlight it and make our best effort in following it in the best way.

What You Need to Know About Printing Industry

Printing is done on paper so it plays an important role in the process of printing. There are different company using different types of papers according to the requirement of the time. Heavy papers are used in the industry in order to make it more durable, they are used in book. Books contain both heavy paper and the lighter ones according to the requirement. Printing companies use a photographic proof termed as Dylux for the creation of blueline. There are various recycling process used in order to reuse the paper, also they use matte finish to make the paper shinier. The printing work is done on copy. They try to fit the images and words inside the enclosed copy. A document is present which makes sure of all the movements. Text only copy and camera copy are used as a sample of the work, text only copy is submitted for the desktop layout and the camera copy is the printed format of the image. Hence, to ensure the correctness the document is proofread so that it becomes free from the mistakes.

The printing process after this is carried out in various steps. Makeready which refers to a certain process in which the staffs take the order to print the documents. There are also the command for inputting the right colour combination of the graphics to be used in the document. In the production process there is a four colour process in which the combination of four colour are used to make the colour pictures which is suitable for the printing purpose. Densitometer, an instrument to check the density of ink is also used in order to make the work more efficient. Next is the binding process which is the last one to be done. Binding is the process of fastening all the sheets of the document by using gum threads and glue. Publishers use various type of binding methodology for the purpose of binding. They use perfect binding and saddle binding for the effective binding. Perfect binding is done by gluing all the sheets of a documents by a hard cover. They are used in making telephone books. Saddle stich binding is the binding process, involves stitching different sheets of the documents. It is use in binding the magazines thin books and direct mailers. There are also spiral binding which is done by punching the holes on the side of the book and using the spiral thread for the tightening purpose. 

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