Color Matching


It is impossible to guarantee 100% color accuracy because of the many different variables that go into the design of a print ready file, as well as the printing of that print ready file. For instance, most graphic design software gives you the option of working in one of two color modes – CMYK or RGB.

Scanners and digital cameras create images – while computer monitors and desktop printers display images – using a combination of just three colors: (R)ed (G)reen and (B)lue. So the design on your computer screen or one printed on your desktop printer will appear a shade different from what comes off a digital press, because presses print full-color pictures and images using the CMYK color profile.

To maximize color accuracy, all print-ready files must be in CMYK. Files created using RGB will be automatically converted to CMYK before going on the printing press, and we can’t be responsible for the slight – but inevitable – color shift that will occur on the final product.

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